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Get YouTube video statistics and check the performance of any YouTuber or channel. Obtain greater insights into the world of video.

  • {{INFLUENSERS_YOUTUBE}}+ influencers in the YouTube database
  • 35+ metrics for influencer vetting
  • Chanel Quality Score based on machine learning

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Track YouTube Statistics and Data to Find the Right Influencers

Collaborating with an established creator can give your marketing campaign a huge boost. Check YouTube analytics for other channels with the HypeAuditor report. We provide you with a first-class tool powered by machine-learning algorithms to help you make sure you can find the right fit for your needs.

Collect basic info and contact details

Discover some general, yet useful information about specific influencers on YouTube. Get to know where an influencer lives, what type of content they produce, and the contact details to reach out to them. For a particular influencer, you can also view global and category rankings, which are based on their audience. Country rank is our own proprietary metric, which is based on the number of real followers and authentic engagement from that country.

  • Country
  • Content topics
  • Email and phone
  • Local & Global Rank


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Monitor YouTube Channel Statistics

Keep track of YouTube views and subscriber growth and get daily stats. Find out the number of average views per video and compare it with the previous period or other influencers. Analyze how engaged YouTube influencer’s audience is using multiple metrics. This will give you a better idea of which videos excite and truly engage the viewer and help you find creators for your marketing needs.

  • Subscribers Growth
  • Total views
  • Average views
  • Average engagement


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View an estimated price for a video

With the help of a machine learning algorithm trained with market values, we calculate an Estimated Integration Price. It shows a price for video integration based on several metrics: average video views, audience location, attitude, content virality, and an influencer’s popularity on Instagram. Check the Channel CPM metric to estimate how much money is potentially paid to an analyzed YouTube influencer for one thousand views of their videos.


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Explore audience demographics in detail

Creating a portrait of YouTube influencer’s followers can be puzzling, especially without the right analytics tools at hand. However, it’s crucial to understand who exactly their audience is, as it helps you ensure that their viewers mirror the demographics of the market you’re targeting. The HypeAuditor YouTube report provides you with powerful features to make your search easier and shows you in-depth stats about influencer’s followers, such as: Country, Age and gender distribution, Audience languages

  • Country
  • Age and gender distribution
  • Audience languages


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Analyze the safety of YouTube channel content

Quickly get a transparent analysis of whether the content of a given influencer is safe to be used with your brand. Our Brand Safety analysis is a tool consisting of nine key flags to help you discover influencers suitable for sponsoring a company’s content and ensure that your product will not appear alongside inappropriate content. The tool analyzes profiles that may contain alcohol content, toxic content, religious material, negative attitudes, offensive content, political matters, crime-related content, adult content, or pranks.

  • Nine sensitive content flags
  • Confidence in your brand mentions
  • Safe content analysis


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Track essential YouTube video statistics

Get actionable insights into video performance with the content analytics section of the report. Track YouTube engagement metrics, including influencer comment rate, reaction rate, and audience attitude. Find the most viewed and most engaging YouTube videos and compare all data with industry benchmarks. Use this data to find relevant creators for your marketing needs and make sure you get a return on that investment


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YouTube Statistics to Inform your Influencer Program

YouTube is one of the most powerful tools in the influencer marketing space. You probably heard that the platform is the second largest search engine after Google. But if you want to use it effectively and make better decisions to reach your business goals, you need to collect, analyze and interpret YouTube account stats.

Video advertising continues to grow, which makes vloggers a good asset to your marketing mix. But selecting the right creators may be challenging, especially without the right tools in place. In HypeAuditor, you can analyze influencers in detail and find a perfect partner for your business.

How to Get Enhanced YouTube Channel Statistics

When you need to examine your own channel, you can go to the analytics section in YouTube Studio. But in terms of influencer marketing activities, HypeAuditor is your indispensable companion.

When searching for creators for your marketing campaign, you need to understand how their videos perform and who their viewers are. This information will help you pick the best vloggers for your brand so you can develop an effective strategy and outperform your competitors. To collect these insights, you need reliable YouTube analytics tools. In HypeAuditor, you’ll find all vital data for quality assessment.

YouTube Channel Performance

First, evaluate the overall quality of a vlogger using Channel Quality Score. It’s our proprietary metric that is based on a scale of 1 to 100 and combines four elements: creator’s influence, audience quality, channel credibility, and engagement of viewers.


In this section, you’ll find an estimated integration price range for a particular influencer and their cost per 1,000 views (CPM). Please note that the final price may differ because it depends on multiple factors like difficulty of content creation, time needed to make a video, and the size of the audience.

YouTube Audience Demographics

HypeAuditor shows you accurate and detailed subscriber analytics you can use to build a portrait of those who watches influencer’s content. Find out their countries of living, languages, and age and gender distribution.

Content Analytics

Learn more about content produced by a vlogger. Analyze its Comment Rate, Reaction Rate, Video Frequency, and Audience Attitude, which shows like/dislike ratio.

Analyze Brand Mention Stats

In addition to performance and progress on YouTube, HypeAuditor provides you with a tracker of brand mentions. You can check which businesses were mentioned on this channel and which videos include mentions of a particular brand. Better yet, you can get information about their CPM.

Find out which videos with brand mentions gathered the most views and what content performed best, in terms of CPM.

And if you want to dig deeper into influencer strategies of your rivals, head to our YouTube Competitor Analysis report.

Questions & Answers About YouTube Analytics

  • How can I view YouTube video analytics for other channels?

    Track statistics and measure performance of any content creator in the HypeAuditorYouTube report. If you want to learn more about channel growth, engagement, overall quality, and audience, our analytics report is just what you’ve been looking for.

  • What can be done in the YouTube analytics report?

    Thanks to the cutting-age technology, we can provide you with global analytics to help you make data-driven decisions and optimize your influencer marketing campaigns. Collect powerful insights about audience demographics and channel performance, analyze creator’s content and audience attitude to tailor your message.

  • What YouTube analytics metrics can I track in HypeAuditor?

    Our tool gives you over 35 metrics to analyze YouTube creators, including subscribers growth, average engagement per video, comments and reaction rate, and Channel Quality Score, that is used to measure the overall performance of YouTube channels.

    In the report, you can also check an estimated price for one video with a brand mention. What’s more, we show a list of brands that an influencer mentioned within the last 90 days.

  • How can I access YouTube statistics in HypeAuditor?

    To access data,log intoyour HypeAuditor, or sign in, if you don’t have your account yet. You can register with your Gmail account. Then navigate to the Influencer Analytics section, where you can see stats and data on any YouTube creator’s performance.

    By the way, you can check what features are available with theHypeAuditor paid subscription.

  • Are there any free YouTube analytics tools?

    Yes, HypeAuditor provides you with a handful offree toolsfor YouTube channel analytics. Check for yourself!

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