What's new in Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on Mac (2023)

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Applies to:

  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Plan 2
  • Microsoft 365 Defender

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Known issues

Apple has fixed an issue on macOS Ventura upgrade, which is fixed with the latest OS update. The issue impacts Microsoft Defender for Endpoint security extensions, and might result in losing Full Disk Access Authorization, impacting its ability to function properly.

Catalina Deprecation
Microsoft Defender for Endpoint no longer supports macOS Catalina (10.15) as Apple ended support for Catalina (10.15) in December 2022.

Jan-2023 (Build: 101.96.85 | Release version: 20.122112.19413.0)

 Build: 101.96.85
 Release version: 20.122112.19413.0
 Engine version: 1.1.19900.2
 Signature version: 1.381.2029.0

What's new

  • Bug and performance fixes

Dec-2022 (Build: 101.90.97 | Release version: 20.122102.19097.0)

 Build: 101.90.97
 Release version: 20.122102.19097.0
 Engine version: 1.1.19900.2
 Signature version: 1.381.202.0

What's new

  • Scanning optimization for move file operations
  • Adding exclusions from command line now requires admin privileges
  • Decrease sysextd noise from Tamper Protection in Advanced Hunting
  • Bug and performance fixes

Nov-2022 (Build: 101.87.30 | Release version: 20.122082.18681.0)

 Released: Nov 5, 2022
 Published: Nov 5, 2022
 Build: 101.87.30
 Release version: 20.122082.18681.0
 Engine version: 1.1.19700.3
 Signature version: 1.379.17.0

What's new

  • Fix for some users experiencing performance issues and temporary system hangs
  • Bug and performance fixes

Oct-2022 (Build: 101.86.81 | Release version: 20.122082.18681.0)

 Released: Oct 25, 2022
 Published: Oct 25, 2022
 Build: 101.86.81
 Release version: 20.122082.18681.0
 Engine version: 1.1.19700.3
 Signature version: 1.377.636.0

What's new

  • Bug fix: Upgrade fails if _mdatp user a member of _lpadmin group


This is a minimal recommended MDE version for macOS Ventura.

Oct-2022 (Build: 101.82.21 | Release version: 20.122082.18221.0)

 Build: 101.82.21
 Release version: 20.122082.18221.0
 Engine version: 1.1.19400.3
 Signature version: 1.369.962.0

What's new

  • Bug fix - Mac TP in Block mode causing device hang on shutdown/crashes on reboot
  • Add a mdatp command-line switch to view the on-demand scan history
  • Improve Performance of Device Owner on MacOs
  • Ready for macOS Ventura (13.0)
  • Bug and performance fixes

Aug-2022 (Build: 101.78.13 | Release version: 20.122072.17813.0)

 Build: 101.78.13
 Release version: 20.122072.17813.0
 Engine version: 1.1.19500.2
 Signature version: 1.373.556.0

What's new

  • Fix for uninstaller to properly delete Application Support folder
  • Fix for Network Protection not filtering Safari when Firewall or iCloud Private Relay is on
  • Fix for osqueryui zombie processes
  • Fix for UI crash on Ventura
  • Fix for definitions not getting downloaded right after install
  • Other bug fixes

Aug-2022 (Build: 101.75.90 | Release version: 20.122071.17590.0)

 Released: Aug 3, 2022
 Published: Aug 3, 2022
 Build: 101.75.90
 Release version: 20.122071.17590.0
 Engine version: 1.1.19300.3
 Signature version: 1.369.395.0

What's new

  • Added a new field in the output of mdatp health that can be used to query the enforcement level of the network protection feature. The new field is called network_protection_enforcement_level and can take one of the following values: audit, block, or disabled.
  • Addressed a product bug where multiple detections of the same content could lead to duplicate entries in the threat history.
  • Other bug fixes.

Jul-2022 (Build: 101.73.77 | Release version: 20.122062.17377.0)

 Released: Jul 21, 2022
 Published: Jul 21, 2022
 Build: 101.73.77
 Release version: 20.122062.17377.0
 Engine version: 1.1.19200.3
 Signature version: 1.367.1011.0

What's new

  • Addressed an issue where printing could not be completed successfully due to the network extension
  • Added an option to configure file hash computation
  • From this build onwards, the product will have the new anti-malware engine by default
  • Performance improvements for file copy operations
  • Bug fixes

Jul-2022 (Build: 101.71.18 | Release version: 20.122052.17118.0)

 Released: Jul 7, 2022
 Published: Jul 7, 2022
 Build: 101.71.18
 Release version: 20.122052.17118.0

What's new

  • mdatp connectivity test was extended with an extra URL that the product requires to function correctly. The new URL is https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=2144709.
  • Up until now, the product log level wasn't persisted between product restarts. Starting from this version, there's a new command-line tool switch that persists the log level. The new command is mdatp log level persist --level <level>.
  • Fixed a bug in the product installation package that in rare cases could lead a loss of product state during updates
  • Performance improvements for file copy operations and built-in macOS applications
  • Bug fixes

Jun-2022 (Build: 101.70.19 | Release version: 20.122051.17019.0)

 Released: Jun 14, 2022
 Published: Jun 14, 2022
 Build: 101.70.19
 Release version: 20.122051.17019.0

What's new

  • Fixed a bug where threat-related notifications were not always presented to the end user.
  • Performance improvements & other bug fixes

Jun-2022 (Build: 101.70.18 | Release version: 20.122042.17018.0)

 Released: Jun 2, 2022
 Published: Jun 2, 2022
 Build: 101.70.18
 Release version: 20.122042.17018.0

What's new

  • Fixed a bug where the installation package was sometimes hanging indefinitely during product updates
  • Fixed a bug where the product sometimes was incorrectly detecting files inside the quarantine folder
  • Performance improvements & other bug fixes

May-2022 (Build: 101.66.54 | Release version: 20.122041.16654.0)

 Released: May 11, 2022
 Published: May 11, 2022
 Build: 101.66.54
 Release version: 20.122041.16654.0

What's new

  • Addressed an issue where mdatp diagnostic real-time-protection-statistics was not printing the correct process path in some cases.
  • Bug fixes

Apr-2022 (Build: 101.64.15 | Release version: 20.122032.16415.0)

 Released: Apr 26, 2022
 Published: Apr 26, 2022
 Build: 101.64.15
 Release version: 20.122032.16415.0

What's new

  • Fixed a regression introduced in version 101.61.69 where the status menu icon was sometimes showing an error icon, even though no action was required from the end user
  • Improved the conflicting_applications field in mdatp health to show only the most recent 10 processes and also to include the process names. This makes it easier to identify which processes are potentially conflicting with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint for Mac.
  • Fixed a bug in mdatp device-control removable-media policy list where vendor ID and product ID were displayed as decimal instead of hexadecimal
  • Performance improvements & other bug fixes

Mar-2022 (Build: 101.61.69 | Release version: 20.122022.16169.0)

 Released: Mar 25, 2022
 Published: Mar 25, 2022
 Build: 101.61.69
 Release version: 20.122022.16169.0

What's new

  • Bug fixes

Mar-2022 (Build: 101.60.91 | Release version: 20.122021.16091.0)

 Released: Mar 8, 2022
 Published: Mar 8, 2022
 Build: 101.60.91
 Release version: 20.122021.16091.0

What's new

  • This version contains a security update for CVE-2022-23278

Feb-2022 (Build: 101.59.50 | Release version: 20.122021.15950.0)

 Released: Feb 28, 2022
 Published: Feb 28, 2022
 Build: 101.59.50
 Release version: 20.122021.15950.0

What's new

  • This version adds support for macOS 12.3. Starting with macOS 12.3, Apple is removing Python 2.7. There will be no Python version preinstalled on macOS by default. ACTION NEEDED:
    • Users must update Microsoft Defender for Endpoint for Mac to version 101.59.50 (or newer) prior to updating their devices to macOS Monterey 12.3 (or newer). This minimal version 101.59.50 is a prerequisite to eliminating Python-related issues with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint for Mac on macOS Monterey.
    • For remote deployments, existing MDM setups must be updated to Microsoft Defender for Endpoint for Mac version 101.59.50 (or newer). Pushing via MDM an older Microsoft Defender for Endpoint for Mac version to macOS Monterey 12.3 (or newer) will result in an installation failure.**\n
Feb-2022 (Build: 101.59.10 | Release version: 20.122012.15910.0)

 Released: Feb 22, 2022
 Published: Feb 22, 2022
 Build: 101.59.10
 Release version: 20.122012.15910.0

What's new

  • The command-line tool now supports restoring quarantined files to a location other than the one where the file was originally detected. This can be done through mdatp threat quarantine restore --id [threat-id] --path [destination-folder].
  • Extended device control to handle devices connected over Thunderbolt 3
  • Improved the handling of device control policies containing invalid vendor IDs and product IDs. Prior to this version, if the policy contained one or more invalid IDs, the entire policy was ignored. Starting from this version, only the invalid portions of the policy are ignored. Issues with the policy are surfaced through mdatp device-control removable-media policy list.
  • Bug fixes

Feb-2022 (Build: 101.56.62 | Release version: 20.121122.15662.0)

 Released: Feb 7, 2022
 Published: Feb 7, 2022
 Build: 101.56.62
 Release version: 20.121122.15662.0

What's new

  • Bug fixes

Jan-2022 (Build: 101.56.35 | Release version: 20.121121.15635.0)

 Released: Jan 30, 2022
 Published: Jan 30, 2022
 Build: 101.56.35
 Release version: 20.121121.15635.0

What's new

  • The application has been renamed from "Microsoft Defender ATP" to "Microsoft Defender". End users will observe the following changes:
  • The application installation path has been changed from /Application/Microsoft Defender ATP.app to /Applications/Microsoft Defender.app.
  • Within the user experience, occurrences of "Microsoft Defender ATP" have been replaced with "Microsoft Defender"
  • Resolved an issue where some VPN applications could not connect due to the network content filter that is distributed with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint for Mac
  • Addressed an issue discovered in macOS 12.2 beta 2 where the installation package could not be opened due to a change in the operating system (OS) that prevents installation of packages with certain characteristics. While it appears that this OS change is not included in the final release of macOS 12.2, it is likely that it will be reintroduced in a future macOS version. As such, we encourage all enterprise administrators to refresh the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint package in their management console to this product version (or a newer version).
  • Addressed an issue seen on some M1 devices where the product was stuck with invalid antimalware definitions and could not successfully update to a working set of definitions.
  • mdatp health output has been extended with an additional attribute called full_disk_access_enabled that can be used to determine whether Full Disk Access has been granted to all components of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint for Mac.
  • Performance improvements & bug fixes

Jan-2022 (Build: 101.54.16 | Release version: 20.121111.15416.0)

 Released: Jan 12, 2022
 Published: Jan 12, 2022
 Build: 101.54.16
 Release version: 20.121111.15416.0

What's new

  • macOS 10.14 (Mojave) is no longer supported
  • After a product setting stops being managed by the administrator through MDM, it now reverts to the value it had before it was managed (the value configured locally by the end user or, if no such local value was explicitly provided, the default value used by the product). Prior to this change, after a setting stopped being managed, its managed value persisted and was still used by the product.
  • Performance improvements & bug fixes

2021 releases
(Build: 101.49.25 | Release version: 20.121092.14925.0)

 Build: 101.49.25
 Release version: 20.121092.14925.0

What's new

  • Added a new switch to the command-line tool to control whether archives are scanned during on-demand scans. This can be configured through mdatp config scan-archives --value [enabled/disabled]. By default, this is set to enabled.
  • Bug fixes

(Build: 101.47.27 | Release version: 20.121082.14727.0)

 Build: 101.47.27
 Release version: 20.121082.14727.0

What's new

  • Fix for a system freeze occurring on shutdown on macOS Mojave and macOS Catalina.

(Build: 101.43.84 | Release version: 20.121082.14384.0)

 Build: 101.43.84
 Release version: 20.121082.14384.0

What's new

  • Candidate build for macOS 12 (Monterey)
  • Bug fixes

(Build: 101.41.10 | Release version: 20.121072.14110.0)

 Build: 101.41.10
 Release version: 20.121072.14110.0

What's new

  • Added new switches to the command-line tool:
    • Control degree of parallelism for on-demand scans. This can be configured through mdatp config maximum-on-demand-scan-threads --value [number-between-1-and-64]. By default, a degree of parallelism of 2 is used.
    • Control whether scans after security intelligence updates are enabled or disabled. This can be configured through mdatp config scan-after-definition-update --value [enabled/disabled]. By default, this is set to enabled.
  • Changing the product log level now requires elevation.
  • Performance improvements & bug fixes

(Build: 101.40.84 | Release version: 20.121071.14084.0)

 Build: 101.40.84
 Release version: 20.121071.14084.0

What's new

  • M1 chip native support
  • Performance improvements & bug fixes

(Build: 101.37.97 | Release version: 20.121062.13797.0)

 Build: 101.37.97
 Release version: 20.121062.13797.0

What's new

  • Performance improvements & bug fixes

(Build: 101.34.28 | Release version: 20.121061.13428.0)

 Build: 101.34.28
 Release version: 20.121061.13428.0

What's new

  • Bug fixes

(Build: 101.34.27 | Release version: 20.121052.13427.0)

 Build: 101.34.27
 Release version: 20.121052.13427.0

What's new

  • Bug fixes

(Build: 101.34.20 | Release version: 20.121051.13420.0)

 Build: 101.34.20
 Release version: 20.121051.13420.0

What's new

  • Device control for macOS is now in general availability.
  • Addressed an issue where a quick scan could not be started from the status menu on macOS 11 (Big Sur).
  • Other bug fixes

(Build: 101.32.69 | Release version: 20.121042.13269.0)

 Build: 101.32.69
 Release version: 20.121042.13269.0

What's new

  • Addressed an issue where concurrent access to the keychain from Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and other applications can lead to keychain corruption.

(Build: 101.29.64 | Release version: 20.121042.12964.0)

 Build: 101.29.64
 Release version: 20.121042.12964.0

What's new

  • Starting with this version, threats detected during on-demand antivirus scans triggered through the command-line client are automatically remediated. Threats detected during scans triggered through the user interface still require manual action.
  • mdatp diagnostic real-time-protection-statistics now supports two additional switches:
    • --sort: sorts the output descending by total number of files scanned
    • --top N: displays the top N results (only works if --sort is also specified)
  • Performance improvements (specifically for when YARN is used) & bug fixes

(Build: 101.27.50 | Release version: 20.121022.12750.0)

 Build: 101.27.50
 Release version: 20.121022.12750.0

What's new

  • Fix to accommodate for Apple certificate expiration for macOS Catalina and earlier. This fix restores Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management (MDVM) functionality.

(Build: 101.25.69 | Release version: 20.121022.12569.0)

 Build: 101.25.69
 Release version: 20.121022.12569.0

What's new

  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on macOS is now available in preview for US Government customers. For more information, see Microsoft Defender for Endpoint for US Government customers.
  • Performance improvements (specifically for the situation when the XCode Simulator app is used) & bug fixes.

(Build: 101.23.64 | Release version: 20.121021.12364.0)

 Build: 101.23.64
 Release version: 20.121021.12364.0

What's new

  • Added a new option to the command-line tool to view information about the last on-demand scan. To view information about the last on-demand scan, run mdatp health --details antivirus.
  • Performance improvements & bug fixes

Prior releases
(Build: 101.22.79 | Release version: 20.121012.12279.0)

 Build: 101.22.79
 Release version: 20.121012.12279.0

What's new

  • Performance improvements & bug fixes

(Build: 101.19.88 | Release version: 20.121011.11988.0)

 Release version: 20.121011.11988.0

What's new

  • Performance improvements & bug fixes

(Build: 101.19.48 | Release version: 20.120121.11948.0)

 Build: 101.19.48
 Release version: 20.120121.11948.0

What's new


The old command-line tool syntax has been deprecated with this release. For information on the new syntax, see Resources.

  • Added a new command-line switch to disable the network extension: mdatp system-extension network-filter disable. This command can be useful to troubleshoot networking issues that could be related to Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on Mac.
  • Performance improvements & bug fixes

(Build: 101.19.21 | Release version: 20.120101.11921.0)

 Build: 101.19.21
 Release version: 20.120101.11921.0

What's new

  • Bug fixes

(Build: 101.15.26 | Release version: 20.120102.11526.0)

 Build: 101.15.26
 Release version: 20.120102.11526.0

What's new

  • Improved the reliability of the agent when running on macOS 11 Big Sur.
  • Added a new command-line switch (--ignore-exclusions) to ignore AV exclusions during custom scans (mdatp scan custom).
  • Performance improvements & bug fixes

(Build: 101.13.75 | Release version: 20.120101.11375.0)

 Build: 101.13.75
 Release version: 20.120101.11375.0

What's new

  • Removed conditions when Microsoft Defender for Endpoint was triggering a macOS 11 (Big Sur) bug that manifests into a kernel panic.
  • Fixed a memory leak in the Endpoint Security system extension when running on mac 11 (Big Sur).
  • Bug fixes

(Build: 101.10.72)

 Build: 101.10.72

What's new

  • Bug fixes

(Build: 101.09.61)

 Build: 101.09.61

What's new

  • Added a new managed preference for disabling the option to send feedback.
  • Status menu icon now shows a healthy state when the product settings are managed. Previously, the status menu icon was displaying a warning or error state, even though the product settings were managed by the administrator.
  • Performance improvements & bug fixes

(Build: 101.09.50)

 Build: 101.09.50

What's new

  • This product version has been validated on macOS Big Sur 11 beta 9.
  • The new syntax for the mdatp command-line tool is now the default one. For more information on the new syntax, see Resources for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on macOS.


The old command-line tool syntax will be removed from the product on January 1st, 2021.

  • Extended mdatp diagnostic create with a new parameter (--path [directory]) that allows the diagnostic logs to be saved to a different directory.
  • Performance improvements & bug fixes

(Build: 101.09.49)

 Build: 101.09.49

What's new

  • User interface improvements to differentiate exclusions that are managed by the IT administrator versus exclusions defined by the local user.
  • Improved CPU utilization during on-demand scans.
  • Performance improvements & bug fixes

(Build: 101.07.23)

 Build: 101.07.23

What's new

  • Added new fields to the output of mdatp --health for checking the status of passive mode and the EDR group ID.


mdatp --health will be replaced with mdatp health in a future product update.

  • Fixed a bug where automatic sample submission was not marked as managed in the user interface.
  • Added new settings for controlling the retention of items in the antivirus scan history. You can now specify the number of days to retain items in the scan history and specify the maximum number of items in the scan history.
  • Bug fixes

(Build: 101.06.63)

 Build: 101.06.63

What's new

  • Addressed a performance regression introduced in version 101.05.17. The regression was introduced with the fix to eliminate the kernel panics some customers have observed when accessing SMB shares. We have reverted this code change and are investigating alternative ways to eliminate the kernel panics.

(Build: 101.05.17)

 Build: 101.05.17

What's new


We are working on a new and enhanced syntax for the mdatp command-line tool. The new syntax is currently the default in the Insider Fast and Insider Slow update channels. We encourage you to famliliarize yourself with this new syntax.We will continue supporting the old syntax in parallel with the new syntax and will provide more communication around the deprecation plan for the old syntax in the upcoming months.

  • Addressed a kernel panic that occurred sometimes when accessing SMB file shares.
  • Performance improvements & bug fixes

(Build: 101.05.16)

 Build: 101.05.16

What's new

  • Improvements to quick scan logic to significantly reduce the number of scanned files.
  • Added autocompletion support for the command-line tool.
  • Bug fixes

(Build: 101.03.12)

 Build: 101.03.12

What's new

  • Performance improvements & bug fixes

(Build: 101.01.54)

 Build: 101.01.54

What's new

  • Improvements around compatibility with Time Machine
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Performance improvements & bug fixes

(Build: 101.00.31)

 Build: 101.00.31

What's new

  • Improved product onboarding experience for Intune users
  • Antivirus exclusions now support wildcards
  • Added the ability to trigger antivirus scans from the macOS contextual menu. You can now right-click a file or a folder in Finder and select Scan with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.
  • In-place product downgrades are now explicitly disallowed by the installer. If you need to downgrade, first uninstall the existing version and reconfigure your device.
  • Other performance improvements & bug fixes

(Build: 100.90.27)

 Build: 100.90.27

What's new

  • You can now set an update channel for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on macOS that is different from the system-wide update channel.
  • New product icon
  • Other user experience improvements
  • Bug fixes

(Build: 100.86.92)

 Build: 100.86.92

What's new

  • Improvements around compatibility with Time Machine
  • Addressed an issue where the product was sometimes not cleaning all files under /Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Defender during uninstallation.
  • Reduced the CPU utilization of the product when Microsoft products are updated through Microsoft AutoUpdate.
  • Other performance improvements & bug fixes

(Build: 100.86.91)

 Build: 100.86.91

What's new


To ensure the most complete protection for your macOS devices and in alignment with Apple stopping delivery of macOS native security updates to OS versions older than [current - 2], MDATP for Mac deployment and updates will no longer be supported on macOS Sierra [10.12]. MDATP for Mac updates and enhancements will be delivered to devices running versions Catalina [10.15], Mojave [10.14], and High Sierra [10.13].

If you already have MDATP for Mac deployed to your Sierra [10.12] devices, please upgrade to the latest macOS version to eliminate risks of losing protection.

  • Performance improvements & bug fixes

(Build: 100.83.73)

 Build: 100.83.73

What's new

  • Added more controls for IT administrators around management of exclusions, management of threat type settings, and disallowed threat actions.
  • When Full Disk Access is not enabled on the device, a warning is now displayed in the status menu.
  • Performance improvements & bug fixes

(Build: 100.82.60)

 Build: 100.82.60

What's new

  • Addressed an issue where the product fails to start following a definition update.

(Build: 100.80.42)

 Build: 100.80.42

What's new

  • Bug fixes

(Build: 100.79.42)

 Build: 100.79.42

What's new

  • Fixed an issue where Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on Mac was sometimes interfering with Time Machine.

  • Added a new switch to the command-line utility for testing the connectivity with the backend service

    mdatp connectivity test
  • Added ability to view the full threat history in the user interface (can be accessed from the Protection history view).

  • Performance improvements & bug fixes

(Build: 100.72.15)

 Build: 100.72.15

What's new

  • Bug fixes

(Build: 100.70.99)

 Build: 100.70.99

What's new

  • Addressed an issue that impacts the ability of some users to upgrade to macOS Catalina when real-time protection is enabled. This sporadic issue was caused by Microsoft Defender for Endpoint locking files within Catalina upgrade package while scanning them for threats, which led to failures in the upgrade sequence.

(Build: 100.68.99)

 Build: 100.68.99

What's new

  • Added the ability to configure the antivirus functionality to run in passive mode.
  • Performance improvements & bug fixes

(Build: 100.65.28)

 Build: 100.65.28

What's new

  • Added support for macOS Catalina.


macOS 10.15 (Catalina) contains new security and privacy enhancements. Beginning with this version, by default, applications are not able to access certain locations on disk (such as Documents, Downloads, Desktop, etc.) without explicit consent. In the absence of this consent, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is not able to fully protect your device.

The mechanism for granting this consent depends on how you deployed Microsoft Defender for Endpoint:

  • For manual deployments, see the updated instructions in the Manual deployment topic.
  • For managed deployments, see the updated instructions in the JAMF-based deployment and Microsoft Intune-based deployment topics.
  • Performance improvements & bug fixes


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