How to build Minecraft houses: step by step illustrated guide (2023)

This illustrated guide outlines how to build Minecraft houses with step-by-step instructions, expert tips and ideas for different types of houses.

Minecraft is a so-called sandbox game, which means that you can shape the world around you as you like, like in a sandpit.There are almost no limits to creativity here.

Having a roof over your head is the first step in our real world to a life worth living. Similarly in Minecraft: Without a place of refuge, you are at the mercy of monsters and attacks from enemies without protection. Knowing how to build Minecraft houses is therefore one of the first things you should do in Minecraft.

How to build Minecraft houses: overview

At the beginning of every new Minecraft game there is the construction of an accommodation in order to survive the first night and not to be killed by creepers or zombies. In our guide we give tips for how to build house in minecraft so you can get started building your first dwellings and then you can assert yourself safely in the world of Minecraft in the long term.

Survival mode vs creative mode

The first thing that matters is the game mode you are in.There is creative mode and survival mode.As you can imagine, the creative mode is designed in such a way that it is primarily about designing the world around you.Here creative souls can let off steam as they please and put the craziest ideas into practice.

In this game mode, all raw materials that are in Minecraft, i.e. all blocks, are available in unlimited quantities.Furthermore, you cannot die in this game mode.In order to avoid expensive scaffolding, this game mode also gives you the opportunity to fly around the world.You can fly if you quickly press the spacebar twice. Also read How to use elytra in Minecraft: step by step guide to fly, jet-propel and repair

The survival mode, on the other hand, enables exciting gameplay, here blocks and raw materials have to be worked hard.Besides, you cannot fly and you are not immortal either.

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But regardless of whether you play in creative mode or in survival mode, you can build your house with the blocks available.

How to build Minecraft houses: why you need one

One of the first goals if you know how to build on Minecraft is to create a house. Safe shelter is essential for survival in Minecraft. They can be small and spartan, gigantic and imposing – or something in between.We’re talking about houses in Minecraft.In addition to their practical use in survival mode, they are another way for players to let off steam creatively in the game.

Here you can take a breather or sleep, explore things and be safe from creepers, spiders and other dark creatures that make the world of Minecraft unsafe at night.

In survival mode, it makes sense to want to build the house first to protect yourself.It doesn’t have to be a big house, just a shelter.In this case, all you need to do is collect blocks of earth and arrange them into a house.It can be even easier, you can dig your own space on the floor of your world and create a cave or a hideout to protect you from danger. Just follow our instructions to set up your first safe home as quickly as possible.

How to build Minecraft houses: How to find materials

The successful open world game Minecraft has several game modes. In one of them, the “creative mode”, all resources are available to you right from the start – this is particularly useful if you want to start building your house straight away. Note that it is best to finish your house in the Minecraft world in daylight, as the risk of attack is very high at night. Also read how to make obsidian in Minecraft: complete guide

Now it’s time to collect materials … after all, a house like that doesn’t build itself. Basically, you canbuildyourhouse from any material, but of course brick is the most beautiful.However, since it is hard to come by and you need secure four walls quickly, a wooden hut is also important at the beginning.Admittedly, wood burns fairly quickly, but it can be obtained quickly and is available in large quantities.

In order to build a house in Minecraft, one must firstcreatetoolsthatcan be used to collect raw materials, and then lay them out on the property to carry out the construction itself.Building a home takes time and dedication, but if you’re looking for simple accommodation there are simpler alternatives that we’ll see later.Also read how to get Netherite in Minecraft: steps for scrap, ingots, armor and tools

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Keep in mind that house building has more to do with survival mode, as you need to protect yourself from enemies, although you can do it in creative mode for fun. Other materials for your home can be found as follows:

  1. Open the inventory.
  2. Look for objects like wood, rubble, glass, doors, beds, stairs, and ladders.
  3. Pick a point on the map where you want to lay the foundation stone of your home. If the ground is level and there are no weeds, draw the outline for the floor plan of the house. Use wood for this outline.
  4. Decide on a floor covering: wood, stone or brick are available.
  5. Finally, draw a roof made of wood.

How to build Minecraft houses: step by step guide

Don’t build your first house too big.A base area of ​​nine by nine stones is completely sufficient for the beginning.Your house should be at least four, preferably five, blocks high.A roof as a closure is mandatory, as is afront door and window.Torches should also be placed in and around your house, because creeps are not fans of light.

First step: make the tool

First of all, you have to use high quality materials.And in order to collect these, you first need tools, for which you need to create a workbench.Find trees and start chopping their trunks to get blocks of wood for the workbench.

  • Build a workbench out of four wooden boards.
  • Craft a wooden pickaxe that you can use to mine stones. To do this, you need three wooden boards and two sticks, which you arrange in your workbench as follows:
How to build Minecraft houses: step by step illustrated guide (1)
  • Mine enough stones to make a stone pickaxe, stone ax and stone shovel: stone
How to build Minecraft houses: step by step illustrated guide (2)
How to build Minecraft houses: step by step illustrated guide (3)
How to build Minecraft houses: step by step illustrated guide (4)

Second step: get building materials

You have to decide for yourself what material you want to build your house from. There are many building materials in Minecraft, each with their advantages and disadvantages.

Building materialExplosion protectionadvantagesdisadvantageLocations
Wood15easy to obtainflammableTrees
Earth2.5non-flammable, easy to obtainvery prone to explosionsAll over
Brick30chic look, explosion-resistantdifficult to obtainFusion of clay and charcoal in one furnace
Cobblestone30easy to obtain, explosion-resistantugly lookIn dungeons and caves
Sandstone4easy to obtainvery prone to explosions, not suitable for roof construction due to gravityEverywhere in desert regions

Third step: building the house

Choose a moderate size for your first house so that you don’t have to procure so many materials. A size of 7×7 blocks is ideal for the beginning, because then you can place your doors and windows in the middle and always have a block distance between them. When building a house, you should also consider the following points:

  • Pay attention to a decent minimum height. It should be at least four blocks.
  • Remember to close your hut with a roof so that no uninvited guests such as zombies or spiders can jump in.
  • Light is your friend! Therefore melt some sand and place a few windows in your domicile. You should also use a piece of coal and a stick to create a couple of torches that you place inside and outside your house. Because where there is light, monsters cannot spawn.
  • Now build a door with six wooden boards in the following formation and place it in the desired position:
How to build Minecraft houses: step by step illustrated guide (5)

As for the actual construction of the house.You only need to use the materials you have to start the construction work.Plan a construction pattern or blueprint in advance and start building by precisely placing the blocks of material.Use doors, windows, different materials for walls, roof and floor … The limit is set by your creativity and the raw materials you have in survival mode.In creative mode, you own everything.

With this you have built your first house and you should have a safe base for the first few days from which you can go on an exploration tour. Of course, much more complex structures are possible in Minecraft that we cannot even begin to describe.

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How do you furnish your home?

After the basic framework for your house is in place, all that is missing is the appropriate interior fittings. Plan a second Minecraft day for this. Build doors and windows. The latter are important so that you can see from the inside what dangers lurk outside. A simple ladder opens up the roof for you. Finally, you can attach torches for light and comfort.

How to build Minecraft houses: Expert tips

  1. The best thing to do is to look for a cave system to build the base, ideally near the spawn point.
  2. For now, disregard the lower tunnels, but dedicate yourself first to the upper levels that can be seen / reached from the normal upper world.Find a steep stone wall and dig a cave into it with a pickaxe.
  3. Build a front door and use it.Get coal from the upper aisles and create torches.
  4. Now take a trip through the corridors below and look for iron ore and more coal.When you’ve done that, make yourself an iron pickaxe and go down into the depths.You should always have enough torches.Look for diamonds, redstone and gold.Build the diamond pickaxe as soon as you can, so you can mine the rare obsidian, and it can withstand more.
  5. You may also make tunnels so that you have permanent mining sites.Somehow prevent animals etc from coming into your house, they just annoy …
  6. As soon as you have redstone you should make the compass out of iron and redstone, then you can connect your spawn point and your HQ (if not already done).
  7. Just let your creativity run free, then you can make a super cool house and surroundings.

How to build Minecraft houses: house ideas

As already described, in survival mode it usually makes sense not to think about building a house straight away, but first of all about survival.If, on the other hand, you build in creative mode, you can of course start directly with a carefully planned house.

In our opinion, the most important thing for building a house is the place where it should be.So run around a bit in the world, choose a biome that you like.

Often the ideas come up all by themselves.You could build a tower on a mountain, a small wooden hut in a meadow, a beach house, a harbor, a large farm, but also unusual things such as a bridge over a ravine with residential floors.Underground bunker systems would also be conceivable if you don’t like the environment at all.

Especially in survival mode, you don’t plan your house before construction anyway, but always expand it bit by bit, as resources allow.It is precisely through this procedure that the coolest houses are often created, as you always recognize new needs and can react accordingly.

Another Minecraft house idea, for example, would also be to implement different architectural styles in a targeted manner.An example would be a Minecraft medieval house.A Minecraft Japanese house or a particularly modern Minecraft house would also be just as conceivable.

In survival mode in particular, however, it has proven useful for us not to pay so much attention to the appearance, but rather to the practicality.The longer you play the game, the more resources you will have.So think, for example, of a room with chests that is centrally accessible.

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Another mistake many beginners make is building a large Minecraft house.The bigger your house, the longer it takes to get from one corner to the other.For example, if you have forgotten something in the box on the other side of the property, it can already degenerate into work, running back and fetching the relevant raw material.In terms of practicability, it is therefore advisable not to build too small in nooks and crannies, nor too big and spacious.

Minecraft house download

One way of quickly getting to large and particularly lavishly built and planned houses is to download or download a Minecraft house.The problem here: By default, the house is of course in its own world.You can of course continue playing in this world, but if you somehow thought that the house would look very cool here or there in its own world, the whole thing is associated with a significantly higher level of effort.If you play in survival, it is of course not possible to invite the house into the world without it being interpreted as cheating.

One possibility would be the WorldEdit extension.This allows parts of the map to be copied and pasted at another location. Also read How to install Optifine for Minecraft

Often times, however, it’s worth taking inspiration from examples and downloadable Minecraft houses.The actual implementation can be adjusted depending on the raw material store, region or appearance and your own wishes.

It is also worth taking a closer look at some Minecraft houses for downloading, especially when it comes to Redstone cabling.For example, how do I build an automatically opening wall etc… However, you have the greater learning effect if you rebuild the houses accordingly or deal with the procedures yourself.


Building a house in Minecraft is one of the basics of the game, even if the game itself doesn’t get much of it.In survival mode in particular, the design and choice of raw materials often depends on the raw materials available on the map.Accordingly, of course, you cannot use any raw materials that you have not yet found.In the creative mode you can of course use all raw materials at any time, and thus also build extremely creative, large and unusual houses.

How to build Minecraft houses: step by step illustrated guide (6) Nathan James lives for gaming, and is a fan of everything from vintage Pong to the latest virtual reality games. He also loves to tinker with hardware in that never-ending search for more power and speed.

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